More than 600 years of combined experience and knowledge

Northern Plains Rail Services and the Canadian Heartland Training Railway together offer short line and industrial railways support to ensure operations are effective and in compliance with prescribed regulations, and safe industry operating practices. Our training associates have over 600 years combined experience and knowledge and understand the regulatory framework in both the US and in all Canadian provinces

Northern Plains Railroad Safety & Training Services

Key instruction services offered include:

  • Specific training programs required for industrial rail operations such as locomotive and rail car mover operations, switching, and basic safety working in and around rail cars
  • Training design, development, and implementation
  • Operations manual and instructions development
  • Creation, development and implementation of Safety Management Systems
  • Risk Assessments
  • Compliance audits and operations performance assessments
  • Conductor New-Hire Training and Engineer Training and Re-certification
  • Positive Train Control (PTC) Training
  • Shipper and Railroad Hazardous Material Training Packages to provide certification as required by the Code of Federal Regulations 172.704 () for both Management and workforce personal:
    • For the shippers of Hazardous Materials (loaded or residue), we offer a classroom and field exercises program that includes General Awareness, Function Specific, Safety and Security training. Along with this, a comprehensive hands on training of a railroad tank car for your loaders or un-loaders, including knowledge testing and certification for each employee.   We also offer function specific training on the development and record keeping requirements for office personal who handle the waybills and Bills of Lading for your facility
    • For the Railroads we offer Hazardous Material training as it applies to railroad operations and a complex review of the United States Hazardous Material Instruction for Rail Manual (USHMIRM).