Our Executive Management team has decades of experience working for and with the largest North American railroads, as well as short line and industrial operators. This experience allows us to provide operational and safety excellence together with long term value for our customers.

Gregg F. Haug, Chairman – Northern Plains Rail Companies

Gregg Haug started Northern Plains Railroad (NPR) in 1997. Since that time, he has negotiated the purchase of three additional lines from BNSF and managed the startup of each. Together, these projects total nearly 500 miles of railroad. Throughout the years, Mr. Haug has developed NPR subsidiary companies that provide contracting services to the rail industry; including track construction, locomotive leasing and repair, and intra-plant switching. In addition, Mr. Haug has led NPR’s expansion into rail car repair, which grew to three facilities. Between all these services, Northern Plains Rail Services (NPRS) annually handles more than 45,000 rail cars. Mr. Haug worked to expand NPRS to Canada, so that Canadian Northern Plains Rail Services (CNPRS) now offers all these same rail products throughout Canada. Mr. Haug held management and executive positions at Canadian Pacific Railway and the SOO Line Railroad prior to starting the NPR. He began his rail career over 30 years ago in Chicago with the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad. Mr. Haug has an MBA from the University of Chicago. He has a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin, and is a licensed Engineer.

  • Jesse J. Chalich – President – Northern Plains Rail Companies, Executive Vice President – Canadian Northern Plains Rail Services
  • Shawn I. SmithExecutive Vice President – Northern Plains Rail Companies, President & GM – Canadian Northern Plains Rail Services
  • Dan Mack – Executive Vice President Finance, Marketing and Sales
  • Michael Bachmeier – Assistant Vice President – Safety & Operations Services – Northern Plains Rail Services
  • Kyla Schultz – Finance Manager
  • Phil Partridge Superintendent – Mechanical Rail Car Repair
  • Daniel K. Watson –  Superintendent – Industrial Switching
  • K. Brent Cheek – Superintendent – Canadian Northern Plains Rail Services
  • Brent Bader – Director Locomotive Technical Services
  • Jalene Suda – Director – Human Resources
  • Todd Gullickson -Manager – Operations, Northern Plains Railroad
  • Jerry Hegstrom – Director – Construction and Track Services
  • Ben Liden – Roadmaster – Northern Plains Railroad
  • Rick Spiering – Asst. Superintendent Mechanical – Car
  • Brock Lautenschlager – Director Sales & Marketing
  • Riley Ferguson – Manager Mobile Car Repair