Robert F. Irwin Award 2017

Each year, the ROBERT F. IRWIN award is provided to the Northern Plains employee “that demonstrates integrity in their family and at work, devotes them self to the community, is supportive and loyal in the workplace, and is attentive to workplace safety.

Gerald Miller Award 2017

The GERALD MILLER AWARD is awarded annually to the Northern Plains Railroad Maintenance of Way or Complete Track Works employee who demonstrates a commitment to safety, quality workmanship, innovation, and like Gerald did, goes above and beyond the call of duty ensuring that NPR’s customers are served despite the weather, track conditions, or challenges.

Living Injury Free Everyday (“Life”)

A big part of the safety culture at Northern Plains involves employee participation in the process of managing and promoting an incident and accident-free workplace.

Gerald Miller Award 2016

This award honors the memory of Gerald Miller, whose service and dedication to the Maintenance of Way department of Northern Plains Railroad from its inception was respected and appreciated by all.

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