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Northern Plains Rail Services

Winkler Wellness

Winkler Wellness

by Cheryl Harlow

This year, Northern Plains offered a wellness campaign called How to Bulletproof your Immune System, created by Dr. E. Berg, DC, that was offered to all U.S.-based employees. Those who participated learned, among other things:

Our immune system is very complex, and I chose this campaign in order to help our participants learn more about it and move out of their comfort zones. The post-event feedback indicated that participants were very satisfied, and I’d like to share some of our employees’ comments:

Graphic showing a woman in the lotus position, icons suggesting healthy choices, and artist renderings of bacteria.

I appreciated learning about how fasting can reset the immune system, and that supplements help heal infections.

It was interesting to understand how the body builds defenses to fight off viruses, and to learn that sugar can fill the space that vitamin C needs.”

I am not a vitamin taker, so I was pleased to learn how certain vitamins help the immune system.

All participants learned something new, and given the challenging material, employees who completed the campaign earned a wellness kit of their choosing, which included some great healthy products.

Our program is working. When we look at the data, NPRC plan members are generally healthier than the average Medica Aggregate. Our low-risk members are generally healthy with no chronic conditions, and this category has increased by 2.8%. Further, our wellness program goals (which include programs to help move the Moderate Risk members to the low-risk category) have made progress. What is offered to Medica members to help reduce risk for chronic disease is OMADA for Prevention, which includes health coaching using a digital platform, and a wireless smart scale to monitor their progress and keep them engaged.

Shannon Jacobs, who works in the accounting department at the Fordville Headquarters, is one employee who is doing a great job getting out of her comfort zone. Shannon won a Bowflex Adjustable Kettlebell in a random draw, and I believe her personal perseverance and commitment are worth sharing. Here’s Shannon’s testimony:

Healthy foods arranged in two vertically oriented rows on a concrete slab.

My main goal is to live a healthier, happier life. I have been eating healthier and trying to get the unhealthy foods off my plate as much as possible. I started my weight-loss journey, and being a better me, when my sister, who lives in Texas, asked if I wanted to join her and 13 other ladies from Texas in a weight-loss challenge. This has been the most rewarding experience for me, because having other people commenting on my triumphs, and experiencing the same setbacks, makes it easier to not give up. I think having people going through the same thing as you and saying they ate pizza today instead of a salad helps keep you honest. Yes, my friends and family are all very supportive of me trying to eat healthy, getting myself to a healthy weight or just to have more energy. However, sometimes the motivational words of a stranger are all you need. The immune system wellness campaign was inspirational, and I learned a lot. One of the main take-aways for me was when you are feeling ill, it is better to fast instead of eating. Further, working out will help boost your immune system to restart itself. There are a lot of natural supplements that can help keep your immune system strong. I would encourage others to not be afraid to fail. You can only be a failure if you don’t try. Failing at something doesn’t make you a failure. Find someone who can help keep you positive and honest with yourself about your goals and challenges. It has taken me five years to start becoming healthier, but I never gave up because I knew what I wanted and where I wanted to be.

Shannon Jacobs
Accountant II, NPRC, Fordville office

All are encouraged to take this Wellness Course.

Several different testing kits are available and recommended by our health broker, USI Insurance Services.

Employees may submit the expense for testing kits as medical flex benefits. A form letter of medical necessity may be needed from your healthcare provider. Look for the support system you need to get out of your comfort zone and be accountable to yourself and encourage others. I know Shannon has encouraged me!

Woman holding a box containing a kettlebell.
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